Monday, 9 May 2011

How can men get yeast infections.

We often mistakenly assume that a yeast infection is attacking women. But our assumption is actually incorrect. This is because yeast infection can also happen to men. The question is, how can men get yeast infections?

Yeast infection is actually attacking all genders, male or female. Many men do not realize they actually have a yeast infection. This is due to yeast infection in men is more difficult to be detected compared yeast infection in women.You actually can avoid yeast infection, if you have enough knowledge about the symptoms, early signs and steps to be taken if you have this infection.

In fact, the cause of yeast infection in men has many variations. Here I will list some cause how men can get this yeast infection.

First of all, facts reveal that yeast infection in men is caused by sexual transmission. This yeast infection can be passed through the two persons directly. It is also regarded as sexually transmitted infections. Sex without a condom is the main cause of yeast infections in person. A woman who was infected with yeast infections can transmit the infection to other men who have sex with him. Although she was treated, but if she still has a yeast infection, there is the possibility she can still spread the yeast infection is on the spouse. So, to avoid problems of this yeast infection, use condoms during sex.

Further source is caused by antibiotics. Research found that antibiotics get rid of all bacteria present in the human body, whether good or bad bacteria. While the human body needs good bacteria to protect the human body. When the human body has no good bacteria, the easier people infected the yeast infection.

Men with diabetes are also at risk for men who suffer from yeast infection. This is because high sugar levels would result in people with diabetes is vulnerable to yeast infection. When the sugar level is high, then the body's immune system is weak and other diseases are easy to attack. If you often feel thirsty at night, or you urinate frequently, chances are you suffer from diabetes. It is recommended that you consult a doctor to diagnose your blood sugar level.

If you are a gay, then it is likely a big chance to get yeast infection. This is because, in normal circumstances, a gay man would use the lotion during sex through the anus, and this will cause yeast infection in the rectum. Yeast infections can occurs from the materials contained in the lotion

Sometimes the signs and symptoms of yeast infections in men are not the same, but the Most times, the signs are often suffered by people with yeast infection are:
-A pain and irritation in the palm of the penis.
-Severe itching
-Arising redness or blisters on the penis head
-White discharge.

So now of course you already know how men can get yeast infection. If you are a man and you find that you have a sign that I mentioned above, do not waste any more time to consult with your doctor to get treatment immediately. Or if you want to know about yeast infection in men with more and how to treat it, please click here.


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